The subject of ethnicity has been a threat to global peace since the period in antiquity. The world has witnessed wars and loss of life due to ethnical conflicts. Think of the atrocities of the holocaust by Hitler that resulted in the death of more than six million Jews. Anti-Semitism was the driving force Hitler’s actions. That was madness of highest level. The bible has also accounts of ethnic clashes, for example the hostility between the Jews and the Samaritans. Think of the Rwandian genocide were the Tutsis and Hutus beheaded each other. Those horrible events are still fresh in the minds of the people and trauma therapy is needed. Back home think of the Gukurahundi atrocities in the early 1980s where thousands of Ndebele people were killed in the name of eliminating dissident activities. The nation is now in need for a national healing program. Ethnicity has remained a threat to global peace and should be taken seriously. For peace building to be holistic ethnicity should be tackled from all angles. How can we talk of a peaceful world when ethnicity remains alive today? It’s an identity problem that needs to be addressed. It’s a challenge that has affected all spheres of human survival and cannot be ignored. It’s a challenge that has affected development in some other communities. Ethnicity manifests itself in areas of politics, economics, education, religion and technology. Societies have inherited ethnic grudges and hostilities which is a bad heritage for the next generations to come. It’s a chain that needs to be broken for violence-free generation to exist. Creating separate ethnic territories does not solve the problem but exacerbated it. It is monster that needs to be killed for total peace to prevail in any society. This school is advocating for a philosophy that breaks these ethnic boundaries and barriers. Ethnicity will remain another area of priority for peace-building for this school.