Ecology is the study of relationships between people, animals, and plants, and their environment. In as a much the world advocates for a peaceful generations ecological issues should not be left for a total peace to be achieved. Peace must be understood from a holistic perspective. Human beings are busy pursuing among themselves but ignoring peace with animals, plants, and environment.  Think of the horrible poisoning of elephants at Hwange National Park when more than hundreds of them died. God created those animals and plants to co-exist with us and ecologically we depend on one another for survival. How can we talk of a peaceful world when people are dying in thousands due to floods? How can one talk of peace when people are dying of hunger due to global warming? Is peace practical when thousands are dying of earthquakes and cyclones? They are many definitions of peace especially from the biblical perspective. One such definition is the well-being of human beings and absence of disasters and sicknesses. Ecological issues remain an integral part of this school for peace to prevail. Environmental issues are of great significance for the well-being of human beings. Think of the desertification of the world? The development of gullies? The disappearing of wild animals. All these things need to be addressed by this school. Failure to address these issues more wars will erupt because people will be fighting over the remaining scarce resources. They cannot be peace in the Gaza strip as long the issues of land and other important environmental issues are not addressed. This is the time for peace initiatives to include ecological issues in their processes. I know university professors will not want to marry the two and see the two as incompatible, but this school is arguing that the time has ripen for the two to be married. Unless if our definition of peace is anthropocentric, then the two cannot be married. What we need now is a holistic definition of peace which incorporates everything existing and non-existing creatures.  Therefore ecological issues will be treated with uttermost care in this school.