"Our Pedagogy"

The pedagogy of this school is well thought and holistically coined considering: Class Lectures, Field Work, Electronic Journal and Community Involvement.


All sessions in our academic endeavour comprise of class lectures whereby experts are to present and provoke discussion among the members. Each member is also given an opportunity during the school to present a paper to fellow members as this will promote progressive academic research and dialoguing.


After theoretical discourse, participants are also allowed to stay with the selected responsible local people to learn more on the real life set up of the local people. It is one thing to learn about Africans but another to stay with them, this in a way is promoting experiential learning.


Slowly we are passing the phase of selling information heading to that of giving information for free. This school makes it mandatory to publish an electronic journal compiled from participants’ presentations. This is for the benefit of the future generation as well as participants themselves. In this regard, each presentation research is to be taken with deep seriousness.


It is the wish of this school to equip people for service. After the academy the school still expect a feedback from the participants on how the knowledge they have acquired is benefiting their community. Unshared knowledge is worse than ignorance. This school produces activists who will raise awareness in all covered facets of life.